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The Yagi antenna is very usefull for concentration of the RF , either transmitted or received. As a receiver to maximise capture of what ever RF is up there. As a transmitter to direct the hard earned RF to where is is is needed, eg: inland , down a valley rather than out to sea or up a mountain. Can be combined in Bays to achieve abroad spread of power in a determined direction.

As usual all results: AS IS, no responsibility assumed.

The Terrain Profile

Yagi Antenna Diagram

A Basic Yagi from a table

A generic Yagi can be defined and analysed using the dimensions from the Rothammel tables.

Basic Yagi

A Defineable Yagi

A yagi is specified, then analysed. Up to 8 elements can be defined

Complete Yagi

A Log Yagi

A log yagi is specified and designed within the restrictions imposed on a seemingly scattering of wires.

Log Yagi